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Zulkarnaen “ZERO” Othman in front of "The Beyonders", a mural at Arab Street

ZERO on art and pushing boundaries

Graffiti artist Zulkarnean Othman, otherwise known as ZERO, talks about the importance of pushing boundaries.

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Zulkarnaen Othman (better known by his artist moniker ZERO), is known for his graffiti, street art, and murals. The recipient of the National Art Council’s Young Artist Award is a co-founder of street art collective RSCLS, which proclaims to “propagate arts of artistic nonsense through open uninhibited random collaborations and discourse”. 

ZERO was commissioned by GXS Bank to paint a mural in Arab Street (along Bali Lane) as part of the bank’s brand launch. The mural features explorers pushing beyond traditional boundaries and challenging established notions and institutions. 


We also spoke with ZERO to find out a bit more about his artistic choices and why he chose “to move beyond the conventional spaces of galleries and canvases”. 

This interview with ZERO is part of a series showcasing some of the local artists GXS has worked with.

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